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Post  Captain_Chaos on Fri Nov 30, 2012 10:53 pm

here is an example

Name: Robot Star Empire

Clan Type: (Types are. Republic, Federation, Empire, Confederacy, Trading Comms, Civilian, Pirate) Empire

Single or Multiplayer Clan: Single

Aliances: none

Declaration of War: All

Military Power:(will start at 100 for all Empire clans 25 for Pirate clans10 for the others) 100

Diplomatic Points (starts at 100 for Republic clans 50 for Federation -100 for Pirate clans clans and 10 for others

Trading Points: (100 for Trading Comms 10 for others)

Piracy Points: (75 for Pirate Clans 10 for others)

Exploration Points: (50 for Federations and 10 for the others)

Special Currency: (your special currency) Batterys

Owner:(your RP Characters name goes here)

History: (History of your Clan. NOTE you dont have to do this)


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