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Post  Captain_Chaos on Sat Dec 01, 2012 12:42 am

ship creation. heres an example

Type:(theres Escort Cruiser Operations Tactical Science Medical Transport Tanker Garbage scow Exploration Pirate Civilian Trading ship Mining ship shuttle outpost tradingbase civilianbase sciencebase medicalbase and fleetbase.) Escort

Class:(theres Light Corvette Corvette Heavy Corvette Light Frigate Frigate Heavy Frigate Light Destroyer Destroyer Heavy Destroyer Light Cruiser Cruiser Heavy Cruiser Star Cruiser Assault Cruiser Battle Cruiser Dreadnought Battleship Carrier Flightdeck Cruiser or special class) Special class

Name of ship/base: NX Retrofit Class

hull:12000 shields 3000

Weapons: (can be ones from other factions or from your own) 2 phaser beam arrays MK 2 (1 fore 1 aft) 1 MK 1 Photon Torpedo Launcher (fore)

crew: 82 (thats the max you dont get the crew off the bat)

Faction: (the faction the ship belongs to)

cost:(you can make it up but il change it if its too high or too low. it can be standard credits or your special money) 4000 Dilithuim


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