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Federation weaponry Empty Federation weaponry

Post  Captain_Chaos on Mon Nov 26, 2012 2:51 am

a weapon list of the federation.

Beam arrays "all phaser do more damage agenst shields than hull"

Phaser array: the standard weapon of the federation causes sub-system damage.

Retro Refit Phaser Beam Array: 2nd most common phaser does more damage than a phaser array causes sub system damage.

Spiral Phaser. a mix of a phaser and a Retro Refit phaser the 2nd rarest phaser. drains shields alarming fast but has a longer recharge time.

Anti Proton Beam array. rarest phaser Drains shields fast and has a 40% critical chance instead of the usual 10% chance.

Torpedoes "all torpedoes do more damage agenst hull and armour and less agenst shields"

Photon torpedoes: standard torpedoes in the federation the most common torpedo and the weakest but can be reloaded fastest has a 50% double fire instead of the normal 10%.

Crotonic Torpedo: 2nd most common torpedo weaker than a photon reloades slower but fires faster cant be shot down and kills and injures more crew.

Quatnum torpedo: 3rd most common torpedo takes longer to reload than a photon but does X 2.6. more damage.

Tricobalt torpedo: is the 3rd rarest torpedo does 5X more damage than a quatnum torpedo but takes the longest to load and can be easily shot down due to how slow it is.

Anti proton torpedo: is the 2nd rarest torpedo is 2x stronger than a quatnum torpedo and has a 40% critical chance rather than the usual 10% critical chance.

Transphasic torpedo: is the raresttorpedo 2x stronger than a quatnum torpedo has the 2nd longest reload time but ignorees shields completely.

Cannon: cannons are balanced

phaser cannon: most common cannon fires the most shots in a volly (6)

Plasma cannon: is the 2nd most common cannon is slightly weaker than a phaser cannon and only fires 4 shots but has a 25% chance to cause a plasma fire on the enemys ship.

Polaron cannon: is the 2nd rarest cannon its stronger than a phaser cannon and has a 30% shield bleed through instead of 10%

Anti Proton cannon: is the rarest cannon is 3 times stronger than a polaron cannon and has a 40% critical chance instead of a 10% chance.

Mines "are stronger than torpedoes but take time to arm after they are deployed all mine launchers drop 5 mines"

photon mine: are the most common mines are the weakest mine but arm the fastest

Quatnum mine. are the 2nd most common mine is 2.6x stronger than a photon mine launcher but take longer too arm.

Chroton mine launcher: is the 3rd most common mine does 1.7 times more damage but kills and injures more crew

tricobalt mine. is the 3rd rarest mine is the strongest mine but takes the longest to arm

Anti Proton mine is the 2nd rarest mine they are as powerful as a quatnum mine but have a 40% critical chance instead of 10%

Transphasic mine is the rarest mine is as powerful as a quatnum mine takes the 2nd longest to arm but ignore shields completely

Dual cannons/Dual phasers: do double the damage as there single forms but have a smaller firing arc

Dual heavy cannons: do triple the damage of there single selfs but with an even smaller firering arc and can only fire twice per volly.

Special Weapons

Quad cannons: unlocked during an event. there 3x stronger than dual heavy cannons but with the firering arc of dual cannons.

Quad phaser cannons: these ones are weaker but fire 5 shots in a volly and cause sub system damage

Quad distruptor cannons: do 2x more damage than Quad phaser cannons but only fire 3 times in a volly and cause distruptor breaches

Breen Transphasic cluster unlocked during an event. torpedo: take A LONG time to charge fires a breen transphasic torpedo and the torpedo launches 10 breen transphasic mines as it moves.


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