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Post  Captain_Chaos on Mon Nov 26, 2012 3:09 am

Cruisers: can take the most damage but are slower and less powerful.

Light cruisers. Shi'kar Centaur and the Miranda.

hull 10000 Shields 1240

crew 200 weaponry 2 standard phaser arrays (1 front 1 back) 1 standard photon torpedo launcher (front)

TOS Constitution class (event ship)

hull 15000 shields 1500

crew 340 weaponry 2 Special retro fited phasers (1 front 1 back) 1 standard photon torpedo launcher (front)

Special: these retrofit phaser do better depending on your level and they get more powerful as you level up.

Cruiser types are the constitution (refit) Excailber and Excelsior.

hull 20000 shields 3500

crew 420 weaponry 2 MK 1 phasers (1 front 1 back) 2 MK 1 torpedo launchers (1 front 1 back)


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